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Heel less shoes inspired by Lady Gaga/ Gravity wedges with Swarovski crystals

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Extravagant Heelless shoes in Black and WhiteThe design of these shoes arose when I was in one cave. I was truly impr...
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Extravagant Heelless shoes in Black and White

The design of these shoes arose when I was in one cave. I was truly impressed by stalactites and stalagmites - these unique forms, whose formation takes decades. So, I decided to sketch this model and create this unique model. You can choose different colors both for the leather and the crystals.

These unique shoes have special metal construction, which imitates the feeling of wearing a normal platform shoe. The weight of the body is evenly distributed and the shoes have been designed with special axis, which is centrally located so you can stay stable and move normally with them. Each pair is 100% designer handmade and decorated with Swarovsky crystals; each sole is molded and then sculpted from PVC lists.

Made to order

Turnaround time : 1 month

Please, send us your height, weight and the dimensions from the diagram:


You'll need :

- A chair
- A sheet of paper on which to trace an outline of your foot
- A pen or pencil
- A measuring tape or ruler
- Socks of the type you intend to wear with the boots
Before starting, you should decide what type of sock you would wear, because socks do make change. You also should consider the following points about feet.

* Feet swell a bit and get larger as the day passes. So you should measure later in the the day.
**As people pass through their middle forties into their fifties, their feet get larger. You can expect to gain a half to a full size or more during this period.
***Left and right feet often differ slightly in size. Measure both feet and use the measurement for the larger foot.
****If the difference is over a half size, consider ordering custom fitted boots so that each foot can be accommodated with a boot of the correct size.

Follow these steps for each foot. It is easier to have someone else do the tracing of the foot.


1. Sit in a chair with the foot firmly placed on a piece of paper large enough to make a tracing around the whole foot. Your leg should be tilted slightly forward so it will not interfere with the pencil as you trace around your heel.

2. Length of the foot: Trace an outline of the foot with a pencil held perpendicular to the paper at all times. Ensure that the pencil is held snug against the foot during the tracing.
Measure the length of the tracing.

The tracing will be slightly larger than your feet because of the thickness of the pencil. Subtract 5 mm / 0.5 cm from each measurement to compensate for the thickness of the pen or pencil. This correction gives you the actual length and width of your foot.

So, if the tracing of your foot measures 10.5 inches long, you subtract 0.2 inches ( 5 mm / 0.5 cm ) to get the actual length of your foot which is 10.3 inches which is about U.S. men's size 9.

Note that you can place your foot between two flat, solid objects such as bricks then measure the length and width between the bricks. In this case you get the actual length and width immediately and do not need to subtract anything to compensate for the pencil thickness. (there's no pencil)

3. For bullets 3 to 9 on the diagram, take measurements in cm as pictured on the diagram in cm.

*** Standard and express shipping worldwide
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Heel less shoes inspired by Lady Gaga/ Gravity wedges with Swarovski crystals