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Partytask Boutique was created with customer satisfaction being our first priority, because we know from our own experience how hard it may be to find unique and original dresses and cstumes. Actually, the idea for the business came with the organization of the wedding of the owner of the shop, while she was looking for hand painted wedding glasses, matching wedding accessories and unique wedding dress.. Well, she couldn't find what she was looking for,so she made them on her own.

Then, she firstly started drawing the designs, then she found co-designers and sewers...and the results were marvelous. Her wonderful team works with the aim to create unique designs which show off the uniqueness of every client.

We work to MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. We are creating cosplay costumes, costumes for movies, medieval costumes, mascots, cosplay accessories.

We are team of experienced and established professionals who adore designing and creating unique costumes, clothes and dresses for movies, events and cosplay conventions. We adore our work, because our biggest reward is our client's happiness, the fact that we have made thier special event more beautiful.

Our mission is to provide unique quality products along with the highest level of customer service to make your special events truly magical and unique. Partytask Boutique continues to develop a quality online experience based upon our customer feedback and suggestions. We are always open to new suggestions and partnerships!

At our store, you have the option to personalize and customize the handmade products to your particular needs and taste by selecting colors and designs. We invite you to create your own personal magic with our help!

♥✿ Custom Wedding Dresses,Prom dresses& Cosplay costumes that are designer originals or co-designed with our customers. Our collection represents passion for unique touch and designer approach to each detail.
♥✿ EXPRESS 2-7 days and STANDARD delivery worldwide. Customization and plus sizes available at NO ADDITIONAL cost!
♥✿ NB: we are FULLY BOOKED for the next 2 months, so if you are in a hurry, please, contact us for possibilities before you place an order!
Please, leave your phone upon checkout, so couriers can call you in case they don't reach you!
♥✿ Please, leave your phone upon checkout, so couriers can call you in case they don't reach you!
♥✿ Shipping on all orders worldwide, via International Registered Priority Airmail with a TRACKING NUMBER.
♥✿ All items are handmade with quality materials!
Our catalogue includes- prom & wedding dresses and accessories, designer cosplay costumes,decorations,party clothes, wedding accessories & glasses, unity wine sets, guest books, champagne flutes.
♥✿ Each product in our shop is a piece of art, aiming to make our customers happy and satisfied. My team and I make personalizations and custom orders as well.