Design and creation of high end cosplay costumes with armour and props with photos

by Nikoletta Ven on April 11, 2019


In our practice we are making all types of characters - from movies, or comics. The process is complex and involves many hours of hard work of our team. We are a team of professonals with different skills in art and design, and our teamwork is the most important factor for quality costume creation.

High end cosplay and stage costumes are made from different parts and take a long time for crafting, as well as well optimized working process. 

We start by making the cuttings and designs of each and every piece - for both the textile part of the costume and the armour pieces - cosplay masks, shoulder armour, wristbands, shinguards, or cosplay weapons and accessories: 


After we have sketched and brainstormed all the materials we will need, after the designs and cuttings are vectorized, the sculpturers start molding:

cosplay mask molding scorpion MK

After that we are painting the props:


Here's how Gene Simmons Monster Axe guitar looks like without paints:

And after we add paints and strings:

The teams are divided in four groups which are working simultaneously in different ateliers. The designers of the textile parts select the fabrics and vectorize the cuttings, then each cutting is resized in accordance with our client's preference.

Once all fabrics are selected and delivered at the office, we are making the first sample of the model of the cosplay costume. Then, if needed, we are remaking and retouching it so it can achieve maximum resemblance to the original.

Although we are making fan reproductions, we are keen on each and every detail, because our clients are special and are always detail oriented. We do our best to make even the smallest details and to get the wows at the end.

Here's the final outlook of our Gene Simmons Mosnter costume with Demon muzzle boots:





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