How to organize the wedding of your dreams on a budget, part 2

by Nikoletta Ven on December 30, 2015

If you aim to tighten further your budget, take a look to the following wedding ideas on a budget:

The wedding cake

multi tiered cake

The wedding cake is an indispensable element of the celebration.  Multiple tiered cakes are gorgeous, but they are require extra budget. Usually, the price per piece is 5-6 $, which means that an average 3-tiered wedding cake would cost around 500$ for 100 pieces. The good news is that you can cut those extra expenses if:




  • you order a small wedding cake for the ritual (60 pieces for example), accompanied with normal plain cake with the same ingredients ,outlook and taste to make up the number of guests.cheaper plain cake
  • you use the services of a party planning marketplace and order a package offer from a catering company, which will deliver buffet or cocktail menu plus wedding cake. The package offer usually includes special discount – around 10% of the normal price.

Entertainment and music

After the ceremony comes the party. In order to be sure that the party will be fun, you will need someone to lead it. Don’t make compromises here, as this will determine the atmosphere of the party. Check the prices of the DJs and read carefully the reviews for each one. Then, pick up the best option for your budget. If you like the idea of live music, then make a research on a party planning marketplace and pick up a local band. The average rate is around 600$ per hour. If this is too much for your wedding on a budget, then consider hiring musicians from a local music school. They are just as skilled and far less expensive.

Bouquet, decorations, gifts for guests

cheap wedding bouquetFirst - the wedding bouquet – one of the mandatory elements of the outlook of the bride, which can run you in the thousands. On a shoestring budget, you  can cut the cost if you pick up in-season flowers – they would be far less expensive. One tweak here – you can order the flowers online, or from a local store, without saying that the flowers are for a wedding bouquet and wedding reception. Say that they are for a private party. Usually vendors bump up the prices when they hear “wedding”. Then, you can ask the florist to prepare an elegant  bouquet from flowers wrapped with a beautiful ribbon at low cost. Or, you can do it on your own, it is easy. Another trick here – you can buy a round sponge with holes and handle from any floral shop and compose it with red or pink roses with Gypsophila. The bouquet will look fabulous and it will cost around 50$.


You can use the Gypsophila for the decoration of the wedding venue. This is one beautiful and cheap flower, which can be customized in different shapes and arrangements – delicate or gingerbread ones. More tips here – you can make cheap and unique wedding decorations with:


wedding decoration - sunflowers and paper
Sunflowers and ribbons
wedding decoration with birch and wild flowersPiece of birch for each table and wild flowers
original apple decoration for your weddingOriginal apple decoration for your wedding


interesting ladybug wedding decoration

Ladybug decor


Don’t forget to combine decorations – use the decoration from the wedding car and put it on the bridal table. There are marvelous artificial decorations you can order online for 15$, which won’t fade because of the sweltering heat (for summer weddings)and won’t freeze, if your wedding is during the winter. Take a look at these, they do look gorgeous, don’t they?

cheap wedding car decorationCar wedding decoration with artificial flowers

Invitations and favors for the guests:

wedding favors sweets

You can totally skip the save the dates cards and send electronic invitations to all your guests. In addition, make a group on Facebook and write posts for the most important moments of the celebration, interact with your friends and answer their questions. This will save you time and money.

Regarding the favors – most of the people don’t keep wedding favors, as they usually throw them, or they put them in the darkest corner of a cupboard. You can either skip them, or buy sweets in interesting shapes like these for example:

After all, the best memories from your wedding will be the special moments of joy and love, not a porcelain angel, right?

Finally, don’t forget that these tips will help you make your wedding unique and memorable, without major compromises.  Remember – the most important that you and your other half will remember after twenty years will be the mood and spirit of the wedding, not the expensive attributes. If you pick up original wedding theme and take care for the entertainment of your guests, no one will care about the cost for this achievement. Have fun and enjoy this beautiful day, no matter if the dress costs 500$ or 10,000$!


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